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Want to golf in St Barts? Find out how


Tuesday 12 December 2023

Picture Want to golf in St Barts? Find out how

When people think of golfing destinations, the United States often comes to mind first. However, the golfing experience in St Barts, though different, is not to be missed.

While there are no golf courses on the island itself, the relaxed atmosphere of this tropical paradise and its breathtaking scenery more than make up for it. Golf enthusiasts will find a unique charm in this experience, though they will need to travel to neighboring islands to actually play.

Golf courses in St Barts

Let’s clarify that there are no golf courses directly on St Barts. However, this doesn't mean that golf lovers can't enjoy the island and its surroundings. Exceptional golfing experiences await on nearby islands such as Nevis, Anguilla, and St. Kitts. These destinations offer not only quality golf courses but also a chance to explore the unique beauty and culture of each island.

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1. Golf courses in Anguilla

Anguilla is an island that’s a short distance from St Barts, so it’s very accessible. It offers a golf course that has stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, which makes for an unforgettable experience.

The 18-hole championship golf course is located at the CuisinArt Golf Resort and it was designed by Greg Norman, a well-known architect specializing in golf courses. This golf course is over 7,000 yards and it’s open year-round. It offers a challenge to golf players of all levels and you can choose from four sets. 

2. Golf courses in St Kitts

St Kitts is another beautiful Caribbean island very close to St Barth and it offers a world-class golf course.

It’s located at the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club and its 125 acres of tropical terrain offers incredible views of the neighboring island of Nevis. This golf course offers 18 holes, which are quite challenging, so it’s perfect if you want to test your skills. If you’re interested in lessons, the club offers them for players of all levels. Plus, it offers a driving range, putting green, and an on-site restaurant so you can refuel. 

3. Golf courses in Nevis

Last but not least, the island of Nevis, which is just a short boat ride away from St. Kitts, offersanother great option.

The 18-hole golf course is located at the Four Season Resort Nevis and it’s known as one of the top in the Caribbean. The golf course is on the slopes of Nevis Peak, so it offers incredible views not just of the lush greenery of the island, but also of the Caribbean Sea and the St. Kitts island. The golf course is challenging, but it was designed to welcome golfers of all levels.

The Four Seasons Resort Nevis also offers other activities and a variety of dining options as well. 

Golfing in the Caribbean

While golf in St Barts is not possible, the nearby islands offer a unique golfing experience. You will have a great time exploring the three golf courses we shared above and it will be something to remember.Golfing with the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea is unbeatable.

So, if you want your golfing adventure to blend natural beauty, a good challenge, and luxury, golf in St Barth is the way to go. For more information, visit our concierge services page !

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