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Why work with BARNES Saint Barth ?

Present in over 20 countries with over 140 agencies, BARNES is a major player in international high end real estate since 25 years. Installed in Saint Barthélemy since 2012, the BARNES agency is located on 19 Rue du Roi Oscar II in Gustavia and is composed of a team that is specialized in real estate transactions as well as seasonal rentals of luxury villas. We also propose a tailor-made conciergerie service.

BARNES is the only high end real estate group which has succeeded in creating a total synergy between all the agencies all over the world. Whether you are looking to acquire a villa in Saint-Barthélemy, in Maurititius, or in Dubai, a penthouse in Miami, a pied-à-terre in Paris, a castle in France, a secondary house in Spain, a yacht or even art… we can help you by putting you in relation with a BARNES consultant specialised in the sector 

Saint Barthélemy at a glance

Saint-Barthélemy, one of the most sought-after islands in the West Indies, is a paradise of luxury by excellence. Its attractive climate, idyllic landscapes, more than fifteen white sandy beaches and gastronomic offerings attract the most glamorous personalities. The colours and light of this island of just over 20km² combine with a true French art de vivre with a Caribbean twist. 

Saint-Barthélemy's time zone is UTC-4

How to get to Saint-Barthélemy ?

It is to be noted that there are no direct international flights to Saint-Barthélemy. The closest international airport is in Sint Maarten  (SXM). There are flights daily from SXM to SBH, which only take 15 minutes. There is also a possibility to travel through the airport in Grand-Case in Sint Maarten in (SFG) or via Guadeloupe (PTP – 45 minutes flight duration), or even Puerto Rico (SJU – 1H15 minutes flight duration) 

From Sint Maarten it is also possible to arrive via a ferry, from the French side or from the Dutch side. The duration of the ferry ride is between 45 – 60 minutes. 

For all the entrance formalities on the territories, all information is indication on the website of the Tourism office of Saint Barth as well as the response to the question “How long can a foreign resident stay in Saint barthélemy?”.

Where is the harbour and airport located in Saint-Barthélemy ?

The harbour is located in Gustavia and is easily accessible, thanks to the parking lot. The airport is located in Saint-Jean, only 3 minutes away from Gustavia by car

How long can a foreign resident stay in Saint-Barthélemy ?

Saint-Barthélemy is an overseas Collectivity, otherwise known as “COM” belonging to France, but the island is not a part of the Schengen area and has its own visa regulations. The citizens of the European Union, as well as citizens of Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland can reside in Saint-Barthélemy indefinitely without a visa.

On the contrary, citizens of the United States, of Canada, of Latin America can stay on the island without a visa for a maximum period of 3 months. After this delay, these citizens need to get in contact with the French Embassy in order to obtain a visa. (Renvoyer vers lexique pour les mots en rouge).

What does it mean to be a resident in Saint Barthélemy and how to become one ?

Consult our lexicon: Resident in Saint Barth.

Who can buy a property in Saint Barthelemy ?

Any physical or moral person can acquire a property in Saint Barthélemy.

Which are the most sought-after areas in Saint Barthélemy by clients ?

Gustavia, the epicenter of the island, for its beautiful villas with views over the harbour, its restaurants and luxury boutiques. Saint-Jean and Gouverneur/Lurin for their proximity to Gustavia, as well as with some of the most beautiful beaches and the airport. 

Where to buy a property in order to have a view of the sunset ?

Lurin, Gouverneur, Gustavia, Pointe Milou, certain villas located on the heights of Saint-Jean, Colombier, Corossol and Public are the areas where depending on the orientation of the villa, you can admire the most beautiful sunsets. 

What is the rental season in Saint Barthélemy?

Saint-Barthélemy is an island that lives primarily off of tourism, revolving largely around the climate. The « high season » begins mid-December and ends Mid-April with two weeks known as « Festive season » between Christmas and New Year’s. Then from Mid-April to Mid-december we have the “Low season” with a cyclonic period which extends generally from End of August to Mid-October. During the cyclonic period, most hotels, restaurants, boutiques and villas on the island are closed. The prices for seasonal rentals therefore depend on the period chosen. 

The most sought-after properties in Saint Barthelemy ?

Villas with 3-bedrooms or more, with of course a swimming pool, a garden and a sea view, that are close to the beaches. Properties that generate good rental revenue are also highly sought-after. Currently, properties under 7 million euros are more and more in demand, notably for people looking for a secondary residence in Saint Barth. Buildable lands with a building permit accorded are also extremely sought-after ever since the new policy restriction excessive construction developments by the Collectivity of Saint Barth. 

What can you buy in Saint-Barthélemy for 1 Million Euros ?

A studio apartment of approximately 332 square feet or a plot of land without a building permit for a small 1-2 bedroom house.  

What is the process of acquisition and the delay ?

Before any acquisition, there is a lot of research that is necessary with a real estate agent. Once the property is found, an offer is submitted to the owner. If the offer is accepted, the notary of the seller and the buyer get into contact and draw up the sales agreement. In general, the waiting time is between 4 to 8 weeks  for the preliminary sales agreement to be signed. This can take longer, depending on the reactivity of the two parties when it comes to submitting all the necessary documents. After which, comes the signing of the preliminary sales agreement and the final deed of sale, which takes minimum two months, and corresponds to the right of first refusal. If the offer is subject to a condition precedent of financing for example, the delay can be even longer depending on the response of the bank. Therefore, the minimum delay is three or four months for the acquisition, without condition precedent, of a property and that is depending on the reactivity of the parties concerned.

What are the costs relative to a property acquisition ?

During the acquisition process, the buyer pays a defined amount between the parties (buyer, agency, and seller), in which the agency fees are usually included. When the price is mentioned as « HAI », the sales price takes into account the agency fees. The buyer needs to add approximately 6% of the acquisition price for the transfer rights, more commonly known as “notary fees”. In case of necessity to translate the notarized documents in a different language, the translation fees are added as well. It is to be noted that there is no property tax or council tax in Saint-Barthélemy if you’re an owner. 

What are the costs relative to the sale of a property ?

During the sale of a property, the seller can be subjected to capital gains tax, as well as taxes such as social security contributions or fees relating to the intervention of a fiscal representative. Unlike metropolitan France, the sale of a primary residence in Saint-Barthélemy can be subject to capital gains tax.  (Renvoyer vers lexique pour les mots en rouge).

Why go through a notary to acquire or sell a property ?

For the sale of a property, it is mandatory to use the services of a notary. In contact with your real estate agent, the notary will also advise you, draw up  and sign the preliminary sales agreement as well as the deed of sale with both parties.

Which diagnostics to carry out ?

Consult our lexicon : Diagnostics

Where are the health services in Saint Barthélemy ?

There is only one hospital on the island, called “Hôpital de Bruyn” situated in Gustavia. This establishment takes care only of minor emergencies. In case of a serious health problem or accident requiring an important surgical intervention, you have to be evacuated to Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe or Martinique. It is therefore necessary to take out insurance to cover these costs.

From the beginning of the 90s, it is not possible to give birth in Saint-Barthélemy. Therefore, women have to give birth in Sint Maarten. The island of Saint-Barthélemy however does have a few general clinics, dentists and other specialists. The health establishment called “Maison de la Santé” was specially created in Saint-Jean to welcome more health specialists in October 2023. 

Getting around Saint-Barthélemy

We recommend renting a car when you arrive in Saint-Barthélemy. Car rental companies are mainly based at the airport, but they can also pick you up at the Gustavia ferry terminal. Be aware that roads in Saint-Barthélemy are sometimes unmarked and can be dangerous, especially at night. An SUV is recommended for access to certain roads. Scooters and quads are also available to rent.

What sports can I do in Saint-Barthélemy?

Whether you're here for a few days or several months, Saint-Barthélemy offers a multitude of choices when it comes to sporting activities. In Saint-Jean, you can take advantage of the stadium's athletics track, as well as the soccer pitch, which is also used for rugby training. Numerous sports coaches offer their services here, as well as at hotels, beaches and villas. Next to the stadium, you'll find the archery club, as well as the tennis club, the martial arts dojo (jujitsu, karate, boxing, judo), beach volleyball, beach tennis and basketball courts and the municipal swimming pool. Not forgetting all the water sports and activities, as well as Pilates, yoga, hiking and running. There are two fitness centers on the island: an open-air one in Saint-Jean and an air-conditioned indoor one in Lurin.