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St Barts land for sale

Exclusivity - Plot of land with building permit granted for a 3-bedroom villaExclusivity - Plot of land with building permit granted for a 3-bedroom villaExclusivity - Plot of land with building permit granted for a 3-bedroom villa

Reference 84204448 - € 3,900,000

Ideally located just a few minutes from the famous...

Buildable land in Vitet with valid building permitBuildable land in Vitet with valid building permitBuildable land in Vitet with valid building permit

Reference 83381714 - € 2,950,000

Building plot situated in Vitet, near Camaruche.

Plot of 240 m² Colombier

  • 240.00 m²
Reference 84273783 - € 848,000

Located in Colombier, in a quiet, residential area...

Project of 2 housesProject of 2 houses

  Grand Cul-de-Sac
Reference 83262766 - € 2,500,000

Construction project of two 2-bedroom houses with...

Plot of 177 m² GustaviaPlot of 177 m² GustaviaPlot of 177 m² Gustavia

  • 177.00 m²
Reference 84042486 - € 2,950,000

Ideally located in the heart of Gustavia's La Pointe...

Building land Grande SalineBuilding land Grande Saline

  Petite Saline
  • 1643.00 m²
Reference 84663591 - € 897,000

Petite Saline - Building land Grande Saline

Embarking on the journey to find your piece of paradise in St Barts? BARNES is your ideal companion to navigate through this exciting endeavor Saint Barthélemy as it’s formally known, decorates itself with pristine beaches, opulent resorts, and a culture that dances to the rhythm of the waves, thus making it a Caribbean treasure trove.

Real estate mastery in St Barts

Here at BARNES, our hearts beat to the rhythm of St Barts' real estate pulse. We're not just about selling land; we're about helping you find a canvas where your dreams will paint reality. Our curated selection of land parcels is as diverse and unique as the island itself.

We believe every inquiry has a story, a dream, and a vision. Whether that's a home where your kids will play by the shore, a commercial venture that brings joy to others, or an investment in apartment for your future, we’re here to guide. Our seasoned team has a profound understanding of the island's local zoning laws and regulations.

We're not just handing you a piece of land; we're ensuring it's the right fit for your intentions, be that residential, commercial, or developmental. Moreover, our local partnerships and networks enrich our portfolio and provide you with exclusive access to some of the island's hidden gems.

Personal guidance

Our band of experienced real estate aficionados is here to convert the complex language of land acquisition into a smooth dialogue. We cherish the unique narrative each client brings to the table, and we tailor our service to resonate with your personal narrative, ensuring you have a successful and enjoyable journey to owning a slice of this Caribbean haven.

We will pepper your journey with personalized advice, provide insight into the island's evolving real estate market trends, and maintain a transparent communication channel that keeps you informed and confident in your decisions.

Discovering your ideal plot

When your heart is set on Saint Barthelemy, the land you choose is where your story begins.

Our agents are skilled in translating your desires into the right piece of land, guiding you through considerations like location, size, and zoning regulations with a personalized touch.

They simplify the sometimes bewildering local zoning laws and other requisites, making your transition through the selection and buying process a breeze.

The scenic splendor of St Barts

St Barts is a canvas of scenic wonders, offering a palette of landscapes from the gentle caress of beachfronts to the quiet whisper of hillside retreats.

The island's diverse topography offers a wide range of aesthetic and functional preferences, whether you prefer the rhythmic cadence of the waves or the tranquil seclusion of a hilltop oasis. Every sunrise here is a tableau of nature's finest hues, and every sunset a promise of a serene yet vibrant lifestyle.

Our team ensures your chosen land captures the essence of your lifestyle, whether that's basking in the morning sun on a beachfront or enjoying a quiet evening on a hilltop, overlooking the tranquil Caribbean sea.

Investment in the future prosperity

Investing in St Barts is an invitation to a future brimming with promise. The island's rising star in the luxury travel sphere continues to beckon discerning travelers and investors, painting a bright picture of potential returns.

Your investment today is a step into a lifestyle that marries tranquility with sophistication, and a choice that could resonate with the island's increasing allure, promising a prosperous tomorrow as St Barts continues to unfold as a gem in the Caribbean.

With its burgeoning reputation, St Barts is fast becoming a cornerstone for luxury real estate investment in the Caribbean, offering a blend of exclusivity and accessibility.

Exceptional client service

At BARNES Saint Barth, we measure our success by the satisfaction in your journey, from the first hello to the joyous moment of sealing the deal. Our team dedicates itself to demystifying the complex, ensuring that your expedition in land acquisition is smooth, pleasant, and rewarding.

We're not just here to close a deal; we're here to open a new chapter in your life, one where your dreams take root on a beautiful Caribbean island.

Our post-purchase services are also designed to assist you with the next steps, whether that's architectural planning, construction, or connecting with local service providers, ensuring your transition into your new plot is as smooth as the sea on a calm St Barts morning.

Engage with BARNES Saint Barth Today

Your dream plot in St Barts is a call away. Reach out to Barnes Saint Barth today. Our team of dedicated professionals is excited to guide you to a piece of land that's not just a purchase, but a home to your future dreams on this serene and picturesque Caribbean Island. Explore our wide range