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How to get to St Barts

How to get to St Barts

Welcome to a realm of luxury and ease when it comes to island transportation. The transportation solutions to St Barts encompass a range of options tailored to the unique preferences of every traveler. The transportation modes here ensure a hassle-free transition from your location to the heart of St Barts. Let's explore the different ways to get to St Barts.

By plane or helicopter

Charter flights

Indulge in VIP services with regular and private charter flights from various locations including St Maarten, Puerto Rico, and others. Private charters provide an intimate setting for those looking to enjoy the scenic beauty from above while ensuring a swift journey. Discover more by exploring all our concierge services.

Regular flights

Regular flights testify to the island's accessibility. With a variety of schedules and destinations, hopping onto a flight to St Barths has never been easier.

Companies like Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, and Tradewind Aviation offer daily flights to St Barts. For instance, you can take a flight from the United States to Princess Juliana Airport, then a connecting flight of 30 minutes with St Barth Commuter or another small plane to St Jean.

Helicopter transfers

For those seeking a thrilling yet luxurious experience, helicopter transfers offer an unparalleled view of the Caribbean Sea and the lush island landscapes.

By ferry boat or private boat

Great Bay Express

Seamless transfers from St Maarten and Anguilla to St Barth are just a ferry ride away with Great Bay Express. The ferry services embody convenience and are a perfect choice for those looking to transition smoothly onto the island.

Private yacht charters

For a more personalized experience, our Yachting team can arrange private yacht charters. Glide over the Caribbean waters with elegance and arrive at St Barts in style.

Car and scooter rentals

Car rentals

Explore the Island in style with our rental car services. Choose from a range of vehicles ready upon your arrival. Discover the roads of St Barts!

Scooter rentals

For the adventurous souls, scooters offer a fun and engaging way to explore the corners of the island. Feel the tropical breeze as you scoot around the beautiful landscapes.


Day trips and sunset cruises

Experience the sea with our range of boats, be it for a day trip, sunset cruise, or journeys to nearby islands. The calm Caribbean waters promise a soothing yet exhilarating yachting experience.

Tailored yachting experience

Our yachting concierge ensures a tailored experience, from special requests to onboard activities. We curate every journey to meet the unique desires of our guests.


What are the main modes of transportation to get to St Barts?

The primary modes of transportation include planes, helicopters, ferries, private boats, and yachts. Regular and charter flights are available from various locations, providing easy access to the island. Ferries, notably the Great Bay Express, offer seamless transfers from St Maarten, while private boats and yachts allow for a more personalized and luxurious experience.

Are there car rental services available on the island?

Yes, there are various car rental services available to explore the island at your pace. You can choose from a range of vehicles like Mini Cooper, Mini Moke, or Jeep, ready upon your arrival, allowing you to discover the picturesque roads of St Barts freely.

How can I book a private yacht charter?

You can get in touch with our Yachting team who will arrange a personalized yachting experience for you. They are on hand to cater to your special requests, organize onboard activities, and ensure that your sea voyage meets all your expectations for a memorable experience.

What is the preferred mode of transportation for sightseeing on the island?

Car and scooter rentals are popular choices for sightseeing and exploring the island. These options provide a great deal of flexibility and allow you to discover the beautiful landscapes and charming nooks of St Barts independently.

What are the destinations from which I can charter a flight to St Barts?

You can charter flights from St Maarten, Puerto Rico, San Juan, and other locations. Various airlines offer charter flights that will take you directly to St Barts, allowing you to reach the island quickly and comfortably.

Are the helicopter transfers safe?

Yes, helicopter transfers adhere to high safety standards to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. We rigorously select the helicopter transfer operators and ensure they comply with all aviation regulations, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of passengers throughout the journey.

Your Journey to St Barts

The St Barts Transportation Solutions embody a fusion of luxury, convenience, and adventure. Whether by air, by sea, or on land, each journey to this exquisite island promises a unique experience, with a touch of elegance unique to St Barts. Your adventure begins the moment you choose your mode of transportation, making the journey as captivating as the destination itself.

To tailor your travel arrangements and ensure a seamless journey to St Barts, feel free to contact BARNES St Barth. Our team dedicates itself to orchestrating your arrival and ensuring that we handle every aspect of your travel with the utmost care.

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