BARNES Saint Barthélemy
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Discover Saint-Barth

Discover Saint-Barth

St. Barth, the pearl of the Caribbean, is a popular destination that combines luxury and tradition. Your vacation in St. Barth will be relaxing with a luxurious lifestyle, either as a couple, with friends or with family.

Saint Barth and its surroundings

St. Barth is known for its pristine white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters.
The beaches are all different, each with its own je ne sais quoi offering different ambiance and seductive charm. 
From secluded natural beaches, family-friendly swimming to chic sexy beach experiences, we offer our views for visiting the most beautiful beaches on the island:


Shell Beach Shell Beach is a short walk from Gustavia, offering a one-of-a-kind stretch of shells different from the “white sand” beaches.
The waters of Shell Beach are very calm, making swimming at this unique cove of ocean very enjoyable for the entire family.
On a clear day, you can see the of the island Saba.
Shell Beach is often called “la plage des grands galets” or “beach of the big rocks” where you can find a secluded spot to take sun all day in-between large unique rock formations.
You may find yourself on a treasure hunt to find the perfect shell or end the afternoon enjoying a sunset, as Shell Beach offers one of the most beautiful sunset spots on the Island.
Luxury Tip: Enjoy the entire day at Shell Beach by making a reservation at Shellona, one of the islands most chic beachfront restaurants. Start by settling into a luxe beach lounger for swimming and sun, sit for lunch and enjoy Shellona’s delicious cuisine. Finally, end your beach day by watching the magical Shell Beach sunset. Voilà.



Colombier Beach offers one of the most panoramic views of the Island and is delightfully secluded.
The clear turquoise water of Colombier Beach is accessible only by boat or 25-minute hike by foot path from either La Petite Anse or Colombier.
The water is calm and the beach can by experienced by spending the day snorkeling and enjoying a picnic lunch.
For years, Colombier Beach has also been called “Beach Rockefeller” because David Rockefeller originally owned the property that surrounds it.
Luxury Tip: Enjoy the charm of Colombier Beach by chartering a boat to experience all Colombier has to offer by land and sea. Sail from Port de Gustavia directly to Colombeir and enjoy snorkeling & sun all day with a catered picnic lunch. Sail back to the port while watching a beautiful sunset.



Saint Jean Beach Saint Jean Beach offers soft white sand and calm tropical waters with a sexy chic vibe because of the many options to have lunch with your toes in the sand.
This is the beach to play, people watch and enjoy “rosé all day”.
The beach is split into two sections divided by the Eden Rock Hotel.
One side is close to the airport and watching the planes taking off and landing is part of the charm of St. Jean beach.
The beach does not offer much surf but it does offers access to many nautical activities, especially windsurfing.
Luxury Tip: Reserve a table at one of the many beachside restaurants that line the beautiful warm turquoise waters of St. Jean. An extraordinary, unique St. Barth lunch experience is a absolute “must-do” while visiting the island.



Lorient Beach is a calm beach for swimming.
The locals call it “little pools” and is often considered a family beach because it is protected by a coral reef making it safer for children.
The left end of the beach is popular with surfers given the large waves that break over the coral.
Luxury Tip: Stop at the nearby bakery to pick up a local French baguette for creating your picnic lunch, sit by a palm tree and enjoy watching the surfers catch waves. Contact a caterer to have your picnic created for you.



The beach in Anse des Cayes is like its name suggests as “cayes” refers to the coral reefs.
It is one of the most popular beaches for surfers with waves that break over the coral.
This beach is a local favorite that serves the surrounding neighborhood.
Luxury Tip: The end of the Anse Des Cayes beach is also a part of the Manapany hotel. Make a reservation at Manapany Resort Hotel and enjoy the day lounging on the beach and sit for a delicious lunch.



Those who love surfing and challenging waves utilize the beach in Toiny.
Although swimming is discouraged due to strong currents, surfing is the principal activity on this beach.
Tip: Another way to enjoy Toiny beach is to make a reservation at Le Toiny Beach Club, a hidden paradise on Toiny Bay. The menu rotates regularly and offers dishes based on fish, grilled meat and refreshing salads. Enjoy a truly relaxing feet in the sand, lunch under sea grape trees or 'Paillottes.'



Gouverneur Beach is pure and exquisite offering an untouched stretch of sand and sea.
An all-natural beach with picture-perfect white sand, natural vegetation and turquoise water.
It is said that the pirate Monbars hid his treasure nearby.
Luxury Tip: Arrange for a concierge to bring umbrellas, beach chairs and catered picnic to experience this beach with all of the amenities.



Corossol has the feel of a quaint little village and is often considered a local beach.
The bay of Corossol is home to many traditional fishing boats or “dories”.
The charm of this beach may include watching a local volleyball game or witnessing the joy shared between local children playing.
Luxury tip: Go and experience the magic of the island. It is the locals who make the beautiful rock what it is.



Saline Beach Saline Beach is natural, unspoiled and spectacular – it's one of the island's marquee beaches.
Saline Beach is also one of the largest beaches on the island after Flamands Beach.
Upon entering, walk up a hilly path leading to a sand dune that opens up to an extraordinarily breathtaking view.
The remoteness of Saline Beach is part of its beauty and ensures the perfect tranquility of a beach day.
If you like to swim 'au naturel', c’est la vie.
Ranked No. 5 in the CNN ranking of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world.
Luxury tip: Arrange for a concierge to bring umbrellas, beach chairs and catered picnic to experience this beach with all of the amenities.



Grand Cul de Sac Beach is the perfect beach for water sports, including windsurfing.
This beach offers a lagoon with shallow clear water and is home to many small fish.
Known as a perfect spot for nautical activities it is also home to the Le Guanihani Hotel.
Luxury tip: Le Guanahani, one of the largest and most luxurious hotels on the island, will be reopening in 2021 and it’s worth keeping an eye on.



Marigot Beach is a nature marine reserve, ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
A delightful small cove also offers a healthy coconut grove.
This palm tree lined cove is never crowded and is ideal for snorkeling by the rocks.
Luxury tip: Coordinate a private yoga lesson and find a concierge who can turn this natural reserve into a wellness experience.



Flammands Beach is the largest on the island with fine white sand and large waves.
The beach is classic and gorgeous, offering restaurants for seaside dining.
The clear blue waters offer big surf and If you enjoy bodysurfing and riding the waves, it is the place to play.
Tip: After a swim, you can have langouste (Caribbean Lobster) for lunch at Baie des Ages restaurant Langouste or reserve a lounger at lunch at the luxurious Cheval Blanc.



Petit Cul de Sac Beach is a quiet little cove offering calm swimming. The beach in petit is the spot where friends and family gather for picnics. It is also a beach that is connection to the Le Barthelemy hotel.
Luxury tip: Plan lunch and reserve a poolside lounger for the day. Sitting by the pool at Le Barthelemy hotel is very family-friendly. For individuals, book a spa appointment at Le Spa and enjoy a holistic haven of services featuring products by Le Mer. La vie est belle.



Grand Fond Beach The beach in Grand Fond remains the most mysterious and swimming is not encouraged due to the rocky coast and stones in the water.
Luxury tip: The shoreline is the lovely place to take a long walk along the rocks and enjoy the wind in your hair. It’s the perfect setting to go take some pictures. Smile for the camera!

Saint-Barth and its breathtaking views

Saint-Barth and its breathtaking views
Saint-Barth and its breathtaking views
Saint-Barth and its breathtaking views