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Our approach is to tailor and customize options that match your perspective and criteria. The BARNES Saint-Barth team provides full access to our expert conciergeire’ team for your stay.


By Plane or Helicopter

Reserve VIP services including regular and private charters for arrival to and departure from Saint Barth, Saint Maarten, Puerto Rico, Antigua and Pointe à Pitre.

By Ferry Boat or Private Boat

Arrange for your transfers from Saint Maarten and Anguilla to Saint Barth on the ferry. We can also arrange for a private charter to bring you to Saint Barth through our Yachting team.


Arrange and reserve a fun car to explore the Island.  Be it a Mini Cooper, Mini Moke or Jeep, we can arrange for your car to be available upon your arrival.


Arrange for a Sailboat or Powerboat for either full or half day, sunset, and even rides to Saint Maarten or Anguilla. We can also arrange for a Catamaran to take you to Colombier for a day of sun or just for a sunset cruise. Our yachting concierge offers full service, catering to all your needs on board including special requests, sea toys, snorkeling and scuba.


Watersport Activities


Tour the island with a jet ski and an organized tour. It’s the sea version of a scooter and it’s a fun activity for friends and family to organize as a group.


SeaBob offers a selection of innovative outdoor and sporting goods all related to electric SeaToys and water sport activities booked through the H2O Center in St Barth.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in St Bart's warm Caribbean waters offers lovely coral reefs. The colors are magnificent, largely because of the shallow water (the channel between St Barts and St Martin reaches no deeper than about 30 m) and the sandy bottom, which reflects the sunlight.

Fishing Excursions

The St Barts waters offer spectacular Caribbean fishing and you have many options. Surfcasting and shore fishing is a wonderful way to relax and catch, or you can charter a fishing boat and guide and head out past the reefs to go after larger sport-fish. May through September are the premier months for Marlin fishing and this area produces some very large fish.


Catch the next wave of luxury with new private surf lessons. Perched above Toiny Bay, Hotel Le Toiny offers instant access to the island’s most coveted surf break. Set up surfing lessons and experience one of the best waves in the West Indies with private instruction.

Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

If you are an adventure sports lover, we can arrange for windsurfing and kitsurfing as a rental or with a private instructor.

Windsurfing – also known as Sailboarding – is an extreme sports activity which involves the use of a surfboard with an attached sail. The windsurfer uses the power of the wind on the sail to glide across the surface of the waves by holding and adjusting the sail accordingly.

Kitesurfing – otherwise known as Kiteboarding – is a vibrant water sport that involves the use of a surfboard – attached to your feet – and a kite that works more like a parachute as it is connected to your body by a harness. The wind can be strong enough to lift you out of the water and several feet into the air, which is one of the reasons why it is classified under extreme sports.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

Discover the sea on a paddle board. We can arrange a rental or private lesson for you to explore the beaches from the sea, not the shore.


Discover the sea on a kayak. We can arrange a rental or private lesson for you to explore the island by kayak.

Aqua Bike

Pedal & push against the natural resistance of the water coached by an instructor & moved by music.We can deliver an aqua bike to your villa for placement in the pool and arrange for a personal coach to be available to create a workout class.


Restaurant Reservations

Saint Barthélemy cuisine mainly revolves around French cuisine, West Indian cuisine, West Indian cuisine, Creole cursine, Italian cuisine and Asian cuisine. The island has over 70 restaurants serving many dishes and a significant number of gourmet restaurants and fine dining can be found in the hotels.

Food Shopping & Groceries Stocking

We can stock your villa with finest food and beverages or have provisions delivered directly to your yacht.

Private Chef

Skip the restaurant and dine at the luxury of your villa or yacht. Arrange for a chef to prepare meals that are personalized to your taste. We can arrange all meals from breakfast to dinner and accommodate various dietary restrictions.



Spa & Massages

Saint Barth has some of the finest spas in the Caribbean. We can arrange for a spa day at the spa or create personized spa experience at your villa or yacht. Self-care is not selfish.

Hair Dressing & Beauty Salon

We can connect you to your own personal Glam-squad. Hair, nails and make up can be arranged at your villa or yacht or we can set up appointments that sync with your lifestyle.


Become mindful of the landscapes and beauty of the island. We can recommend the best meditation spots on the island or arrange for a guided meditation at sunrise or sunset.

Yoga & Pilates

Regularly scheduled classes are available on the island. We can direct you to the class schedules and reserve your spot or arrange for an instructor to provide private lessons and classes.

Hot Yoga classes are performed at 38-40°C. This might seem a little mad at first, but the heat helps your muscles to loosen up and enables you to stretch better than you would in an air-conditioned studio.

SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga is an amazing way to combine the serene flow of yoga with a variation of stand-up paddle board surfing. Wellness coach will be keen on sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for the activity during your stay in St Barths.



Fitness Coach

We can arrange for a personal trainer to work with you during your stay and keep you fit and focused while you are on holiday.


There are many courts on Saint Barth for the tennis enthusiast. We are happy to reserve a court and racquets for you to arrange a singles or doubles match. A personal tennis coach is also an option.


Saint Barth offers exciting hiking explorations. We can arrange for a guide to take you to some of the islands most treasured locations.


Child Care and Activities


We can select the best nannies or babysitters to allow you to enjoy a stress free excursion with you little ones taken care of.

Art Lessons for Kids

Local artists have created workshops designed to engage the children and build confidence in their creativity. We are happy to arrange an artsy play date for the kids.

Cooking Lessons for Kids

Local chefs will entertain and teach your children to prepare a mean in a fun way. Think pizza party!

Water Activities for Kids

Water sport activities offered for children range from kayaking, paddling, snorkeling to surfing and windsurfing.




19, rue du Roi Oscar II, Gustavia


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